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MD, MBA, PhD Hüseyin Çetinalp

Hüseyin Çetinalp
+90 850 460 63 34

Hospital Medicana Çamlıca Hospital, Istanbul

Department Check-up

Academic Title M.D.

Physician Name Huseyin Cetinalp, M.D. 

Graduate Education Dicle University School of Medicine (1988)

Postgraduate Education (Residency) Okan University, Institute Of Social Science, Hospital Management, 2012 (MBA)


Institute Of Business, Management And Law,  Hospital Management, 2016 (PhD)


Area of Expertise Hospital Management


Hair Transplantation




Emergency Medicine


Experience Quality Director-Special Health Hospital (2000-2005)


Medical Manager-Crowne Plaza Hotel İzmir (2005-2007)


Medical Manager-Swiss Hotel Grand Efes İzmir (2007-2009)


General Coordinator-Health Ministry of Turkey (2005-2014)


Education Coordinator-Health Ministry of Turkey (2005-2014)


Medical Tourism Director-Health Ministry of Turkey (2014-2015)


Audit Director-Health Ministry of Turkey (2015-2016)


Quality Director-Health Ministry of Turkey (2015-2016)


Education Director-Ritim Management and Counseling (2016-2016)


Medicana Çamlıca Hospital, International Patient Center, General Practitioner Hospital Management Specialist


Qualifications & Certificates 




Foreign Patient Coordination


Health Care Access


Medical Ethics and Patient Rights


Medical Emergency Management


Patient Rights


Hospital Management


Training Formation


Project Management


Process Management


Quality Management


Health Quality Standards


EFQM Excellence Model Training


Process Management


ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Management System Foundation and Documentation


ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Management Systems, Basic Course


Customer Satisfaction Service


Persuasion Techniques


Problem Solving Techniques


Anger and Stress Management


Personal Performance Development


Effective Presentation Skills


Personal Image Development


Management of Persuasion


Focus on Strengths




Emotional Intelligence


Contact on Phone


Contact Art


Conflict Management


Crisis Management




Medical Aesthetics


Family Medicine


Basic Life Support Training




Commercial Practice


Emergency Medicine Physician




The Reflection of Quality Management Upon The Efficiency of Health Service Production of Hospitals


The Assesment of Accessibility And Equity of Hospitals


The Reflection of Quality Management Upon Customers Satisfaction of Hospitals


The Reflection of Education and Development Function of Human Resource Management in Hospitals


The Assesment of Topographic Distrubition of Hospitals with Paradigm of Quality Management


The Reflection of Employement Function of Human Resources Management Upon Specialists, Patients and Health Service


The Reflection of Employement Function of Human Resources Management Upon General Practitioners, Patients And Health Service


The Assesment of the Relation Between the Applications About Specialists and Benefits of Patient Rights Debrifings to Health Service Employees


The Assesment of the Apprehension of Physicians About Patient Rights


The Assesment of the Relation Between the Numbers of Applications and Polyclinics


The Assesment of the Relation Between Patient Complients, Number of Patients and Quality Standarts of Hospitals