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M.D. Professor of Medicine Ayhan Koyuncu

Professor of Medicine Ayhan Koyuncu
+90 850 460 63 34

Hospital Medicana Sivas Hospital, Sivas

Department General Surgery

Academic Title Professor of Medicine                                 

Physician Name Ayhan Koyuncu, M.D. Professor of Medicine

Graduate Education Uludağ University School of Medicine (1991)

Postgraduate Education (Residency) Ankara University School of Medicine, Department of General Surgery Medicine Residency Program (1997)


Area of Expertise General Surgery


Breast Cancer Surgery


Breast Protective Surgery


Breast Cysts and Masses


Gynecomastia Operations


Hemorrhoid Surgery


Anal Fissure and Fistula Surgery with Laser Method


Laser Method with Battery Reversal


Gallbladder Surgery by Laser Method (Closed, Open)


Biliary tract obstruction operations


Reflux Procedures


Hernia Surgery (Closed, Open)


Appendectomy Thyroid Surgery (With Nerve Monitor)


Parathyroid Surgery


Liver Surgery


Gastrointestinal Surgery


Large Bowel Cancer Surgery


Small Bowel Surgery


Experience Ardahan Central Health Center (1991-1993)


Ankara University Faculty of Medicine (1993-1997)


Orhaneli State Hospital (1998-1999)


Cumhuriyet University School of Medicine (1999-2013)


Sivas Anatolian Hospital (2013-2014)


Medicana Sivas Hospital, Sivas, Department of General Surgery, M.D. Professor of Medicine (2014-present)


Publications: International


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