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Medicana Health Group, with its modern technological infrastructures, academic staff and modern management systems, has been regarded as one of the important healthcare facilities not only in Turkey, but also in the Balkans and the Europe, and it has admitted patients from the four corners of the world. 


Technical specifications of our hospitals have been designed to meet healthcare needs of a high patient capacity. CIP, VIP, standard patient rooms and intensive care patient rooms are equipped with all necessary systems in order to perform medical procedures and treatments in a comfortable setting.


The growth target and corporate objectives of Medicana Health Group: 


•             The primary aim of Medicana Health Group is to meet the patients’ medical needs and provide them with an opportunity to have a healthier life.  For this purpose, activities are carried out to introduce modern, reliable and advanced healthcare institutions, which are recommended by patients and where activities are performed at high standards, to our country and all the people.


•             It also aims to create a chain of hospitals, which make assertive investments internationally, and to ensure that Medicana is one of the important healthcare centers in the world. 


•             The Group intends to pioneer the health tourism, develop service points of Medicana Health Group in foreign countries, and be a healthcare center of attraction in order to provide healthcare services not only for Turkey, but also for the Balkans, Europe, and Middle East.   

•             Medicana Health Group believes in the importance of making investment in sector-based research and development, and human resources. Moreover, we work for founding a university, where faculties are available to educate and train doctors, nurses, health technicians, and other employees.

•             Medicana Health Group also aims to provide healthcare services at international standards in many fields, including but not limited to cardiovascular surgery, IVF center, advanced cancer treatment, cosmetology, neurosurgery, organ transplantation, hemodialysis, knee joint disorders, and neurology. 


Hospitals to be put into service in near future:

-              Izmir

-              Zincirlikuyu

-              Atasehir